Introducing Rodrigo Moraes, AKA Rod, a highly skilled tattoo artist specialising in traditional Japanese style. With a passion for tattooing from a young age, Rod learned the craft from his father, Dr Sarue, and his brother. Over the years, he has dedicated himself to studying Japanese culture and continuously refining his skills to deliver exceptional designs that perfectly capture the essence of this style.

But Rod’s dedication to his craft extends beyond just creating beautiful tattoos. He takes great care in ensuring his clients are comfortable throughout the tattoo process, believing that tattooing is a collaborative process that requires mutual respect and understanding between the artist and the client. With a strong code of ethics and love for the tattoo industry, Rodrigo brings his best self to every tattoo he creates.

Tattooing has been a transformative journey for Rod, and he is grateful for the opportunity to share his love of this art form with others. When he’s not tattooing, you can find him exploring his other passions, including painting, music, martial arts, yoga, and hiking.

Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or someone looking to get their first tattoo, Rod is the tattoo artist you can trust to deliver exceptional work that reflects your personal style and vision.