Book a Tattoo Online

Want to skip the queue and book a small tattoo at a time that works for you? Use our self-booking system to book yourself in for any small tattoo.



Below are the rules that must be followed:

1. Do not turn up under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
2. Do not book one of these appointments if you're under 18 Please bring valid photo ID to the appointment.
3. Do not book a small tattoo and expect us to tattoo something larger on the day.

Once the appointment is booked, please send us a message to let us know you've booked along with an image of what you'll be getting tattooed. This can be done via either Instagram DM or phone (@salfordtattoos/0161 710 3573)

For group bookings, appointments must be made separately.

If you are unsure whether your tattoo fits the ‘small tattoos’ category, please do not use this system to book. Contact us directly via email, phone or instagram.

What is a small tattoo?

Small tattoos can include a variety of designs, typically no more than 5cm. Some things to keep in mind when booking your small tattoo are:

How big is the tattoo?
The placement of the tattoo (e.g. arm/leg/neck, etc.)
Is there any colour/shading is in the design?
How much time will it take the artist to draw up your design?
If it is a script tattoo, what kind of font will it be in? And how many words will it include?

How big is the tattoo?

Small tattoos should be no bigger than 5cm, depending on the amount of detail.

How much colour/shading/detail is in the design?

The more shading in the design, the longer it will take. If the design can be done using just one single line, this usually will be considered a small tattoo. Colour can be used to create a small tattoo, but no more than one - no watercolour or blending colours. If the design includes a lot of detail, even if the tattoo is small in size, please get in touch before booking.

Tattoo placement

Some areas are much harder to tattoo than others. Some examples of the more difficult areas are: ribs/stomachs, necks, hands and feet. Anywhere that isn’t an arm or leg is generally a little more difficult, so you may need to check in with us first.

Time required for the artist to draw your tattoo stencil

In general, a small tattoo can be drawn up by your artist in no more than 5 minutes. It will likely be an easily recognisable icon (such as a heart, star, lightning bolt, outline of a simple logo) or some words.

The Manchester bee outline does fit into this category, but there are some specific designs to choose from (please see below).

What font would you like? (If you're getting a script tattoo)

There are specific fonts we can offer for the self-booking system. This is because some fonts take longer than others to tattoo.If the font you would like is very bold and will need filling in, it may not fit into the small tattoo category.

If your font is extremely decorative and curly, it may take longer than just standard sans-serif fonts (like block capital letters, for example). A loved one’s handwriting will usually be a small tattoo.

To choose your font, you should use and find the name of the font you'd like.

How many words would you like? (if you’re getting a script tattoo)

Generally, sentences that are no more than 4 words long should fit into the small tattoos category. If you’d like a longer sentence, please get in touch to book or check with us before booking yourself in.

Examples of fonts that will not fit into the small tattoo category (we might be able to accommodate this font style if it is only one or two characters)

Examples of fonts that will fit into the small tattoo category