Terms & Conditions


Deposits made to the studio, are non-refundable.

We require a deposit for every tattoo booking. Deposit values increase based on the length of time of your tattoo session.

For weekday sessions we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to re-arrange your appointment to avoid losing your deposit. For Saturday appointments we ask for 7 days’ notice. More than two re-schedules will require a new deposit.

If you fail to attend your appointment without having contacted the studio to reschedule your deposit will be lost. Re-booking after a ‘no show’ is at the tattoo artist’s discretion.

Repeated failure to attend an appointment may result in a client being required to pay for future bookings upfront.

Whilst we do accept Flesh Tattoo vouchers as deposits, in the event of a no-show the relevant amount of your voucher will be forfeit.


While all materials used in the process of tattooing are sterile, please note that in some people infection, ink loss, allergic reaction and dryness can occur and this is not the fault of the artist. Your tattoo artist will guide you through aftercare methods. After care information is also available on this link and in printed form within the studio.

We are happy to advise on any issues that may arise from ink loss post-healing, and we recommend that you contact us around 4 weeks after the tattoo was performed so that we can see if you will need a free touch up.

The nature of tattooing means that your design is part of an irreversible procedure. While we take extreme care in producing a satisfactory representation of the design you have agreed with your tattoo artist please be advised that as a client you are relying on an artist’s rendering. Tattooing cannot be guaranteed as an exact duplicate of a pre-drawn design because of exterior factors including allergies, skin type and client movement.

The Tattooing of Minors Act: 1969 means it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18. Parental consent is not accepted. This means proof of age will sometimes be requested so always have it with you for your appointment.